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management consulting

Consulting Management

This is not just another consultancy firm. We do things differently. We look at your business processes. bookkeeping and accounting. Marketing strategy. And provide practical coaching. Also, we look at your customer database. And come up with solutions.

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management consulting for seo services

SEO Services

Our other popular Management Consulting service is helping customers rank on the first page of the search engines. Without having to pay for Google or Facebook Ads. We do everything from keyword research and competitor keyword analysis. 

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management consulting for closing sales

Closing Sales

As we provide Management Consulting services, we help close sales for your prospects. We have the skills to make the customers close the sales themselves. They won't feel like they're pushed to make a sale. Do they have objections? We can handle all those for you.

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web design services for over 200 projects

Responsive Website Design

WordPress powers over a third of sites in the world. You know that you need a professionally designed website. Like yesterday. But you are just not finding the time to design it yourself. You are too busy running your business! STOP trying to do everything yourself!

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consulting management - resume writing

Resume Writing

We write professional resumes (CVs), Cover Letters, and LinkedIn profiles that produce results. We have seen a trend that the most popular service in our management consulting business is cover letters. Why? Employers will make a decision by reading your cover letter first. 

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The Industries we serve

Industrial & Consumer Products

The Consumer & Industrial Products Industry group provides integrated services. To corporate clients. We provide our consulting management services to this industry.


Manufacturers also use our management consulting services. Dealing with revenue improvement. Cost containment. Effective stock taking.  Customization and standardization.

Energy & Resources

We assist the Energy & Resources specialists and provide comprehensive, integrated solutions. To all segments of the Oil & Gas. Power & Utilities. As well as alternative Energy.

Public Sector

Hunting Consulting brings an unmatched breadth and depth of public and private sector experience. To help address your mission-critical needs. And streamlining procedures.

Financial Services

Our management consulting services include Banking & Securities industry. Insurance & Reinsurance. Accounting and auditing. And Investment Management sectors.

Real Estate

The real estate industry practice is a recognised leader in providing audit and tax services. Estate administration. Consulting management. And financial advisory services to the public.

Health Care & Life Sciences

Our professionals guide the health care and life science companies. Assists new market entrants with streamlining their processes. And improve the old ways of doing things. Digitally storing patient files.

Media and Technology

This is one of the world’s largest group of specialists respected. For helping shape many of the recognized brands. And helping those brands get recognised. And generating advertising income.

Delivering world class management consulting services

Our consulting management include services do not cost an arm and a leg.

Our prices are from R1,000 per hour

They include the following:

  • assessing your current operations and accounting systems
  • coming up with much more effective ways of doing work – keeps employees happy
  • implementing workflow across your company – making sure all tasks are done on time, every time

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What our clients say

Our management consulting services

Let’s take your business to the next level. With our management consulting services, we will save you lots of hours and money. By getting rid of unnecessary steps in processes and procedures.


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