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Closing a Sales Transaction Can Be a Breeze


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We Close Sales for any industry

Closing a sales call or a sales transaction is our specialty. In any industry. We deal with financial services, insurance, information technology, sales and marketing, banking industries. And any other industry.

If you have a business and have captured leads to your business, but your prospects are just not coming through to buy from you, you need a qualified and experienced sales closer. That’s where we come in.


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Your prospects might have many objections

As you try to close prospects, to turn them into buying customers, you will – at most times – get objections from them.

This is natural as the prospect does not trust you yet. The prospect is not sure that you are going to solve their problem.

Common objections then arise… such as: what if this product does not work as advertised? Do I have a 6 month guarantee from this service? I need to speak to my husband first, can I call you tomorrow? And these are just a small sample of the possible objections that prospects might throw at you. Do you know how to handle them?

So, unless you have someone who is a professional in closing sales by your side, you will lose these prospects forever.


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In Closing Sales for your business, we take the prospect through these steps

We take prospects through the Agenda, Qualify and Commitment steps.

We get to know the worries and pains of the prospects before we close them. Unless they qualify to buy from you, we continue to engage with them till we understand their greatest fears and frustrations.

Then we illustrate to them how your product or service is going to solve their problem. And if they do not order your product or service, their problem will not go away.


Getting to know the prospect. How they heard about you. Their family background. What help they need.


Digging deep into their frustrations and pains. Can they afford your product? How urgent do they need help?


If they qualify, we will move to the closing sales step. Get them to buy or sign a deal. Or any other action they must take.


We do not close bad prospects

Closing a sales call does not always lead to a sale. And that’s OK. Why?

That’s because you do not want to close bad prospects and make them your customers.

If a prospect is asking for the price too early in the phone conversation or asks for ridiculous discounts from your products, we already know that’s going to be a bad customer. 

We reject them by telling them that they are not a good fit to your business. Unless you want to be called 10 times a day, with complaints that your product doesn’t work, when that same person did not properly follow the instructions in the first place.


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So how much do we charge?

We normally charge 10% of the sales from your client.


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