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Our Consulting Services include Business Consulting Services, Marketing Strategy, Monthly Bookkeeping and Systems Implementation.

business consulting services for customer support

Improve Customer Support

Your business is already dealing with customers, right? One thing you need to know is that you don’t want to lose valuable and long standing customers due to a lack of great customer service.

We can help you implement systems to make sure you track all customers queries, allocate them to your customer service agents and resolve them within acceptable turnaround times. Nothing will fall through the cracks.

Implement CRM for your business

One of our popular business consulting services is Customer Relationship Management or CRM. This is the center of all businesses around the globe.

It includes things like tracking leads for your business; customer database details such as their cell numbers and email addresses; recording notes after interacting with a customer so that the next agent can know where the previous agent left off and so on. 

business consulting services for customer relationship management

Our Consulting Services Come With The Only ERP System You’ll Ever Need

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) is the combined software that you will need in your business, in order to manage your day-to-day business activities. We can help you to implement it and provide monthly support till you are on the right track. These activities are mentioned below.

Relationship Management

Customer Relation Management to keep in touch with your customers and provide world class service to them.


Monthly Bookkeeping and Accounting. Know if your business is making or losing money. Track budgets to actuals.


Get your books audited or independently reviewed. Make sure all internal controls are effective and reduce risk.

Human Resources

Manage the attendance, leave requests and profiles of employees. Manage all this and more on your website.

Project Management

Create milestones and tasks and allocate them to your team. Set deadlines. See reports of tasks outstanding and more.


Manage your company’s payslips by using our consulting services. Collect tax and pay it over to the authorities.

Book our Consulting Services. Implement your Marketing Strategy

All businesses need to market their products so that prospective customers can know about those products. Otherwise no-one will be able to buy from you.

By booking our business consulting services, you ensure that all the necessary marketing for your business is done correctly from the start.

We will assist you with things like website development, market research, business plan, marketing and sales plan, marketing material and SEO and keyword research.

If you already have prospects sitting on a fence and unsure if they want to buy from you, we can close those prospects for you.

consulting services for marketing strategy

business consulting services

"The folks from Hunting Consulting helped me with the installation of my online accounting system, which costs much less than the popular accounting systems but works just as well. Thank you!"

– Mike Anderson

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