Receive Great 

Investment Returns

Get over 10% Investment Returns. Even If You Start Late.

If none of your investment returns make at least 10% per year, we will refund you 10% of your membership fees for that year. Guaranteed! Yes, you heard right! We are confident that you will make superior returns than your peers.

We get to discuss with you what returns you are aiming for. What type of investment types you would like. And so on.

Welcome to Hunting Consulting. You already have the power to achieve your investment goals. And we will show you how you can achieve them.

Start investing and achieve your goals right away. Don't keep on postponing it, until it's too late.


We Coach you on Investments of All Sizes

Whether you invest from as little as R500 per month to R2m once-off, we have the right expert tips for you.


We meet up with you first, so that we can understand your investment needs and goals. You are free to choose whether you want to meet us in person, via a voice call, or via a video call.

Then we set up a follow-up meeting, where we give you our recommendations and tips.

How to Invest

We give you the power to make your own informed financial investment decisions. Also, we provide you the pros and cons of each investment type that are in line with your investment goals. This will also give rise to a discussion of how the investment returns will look like for your chosen investment type.

In guiding you on how to invest, we will help you. This is done in order to meet your goals in investing.

How It Works

You hold all of your investments. All your investments are in full control. Moreover, any profits from your investment returns are yours.

We provide on-going support and be with you along the way. We also send our monthly newsletters to keep you informed of what is going on in the world of investing.

Investment Plans

Below, please see the different plans to help you invest and achieve your goals. Your investment returns will differ for each investment type.

Investments Return

Emergencies Plan

We help you put an emergency plan together. When the unplanned happens, you will feel comfortable that you can take from your nest egg, instead of having to borrow money. Plus, if the interest rate of your debt is more than your investments return, you will be losing out each month.

Study fees

Your study fees

You might need to upgrade your qualifications in order to earn a better salary in the future. You will need a study fee plan to put funds aside. Don’t sit and hope for your employer, friend of the family to help you. Let us help and guide you instead.

Return on Investments for retirement planning

Your retirement Planning

Do you think that the pension money from the government will be enough? Look around… Unless and until you have your own investment plan with Investment returns that make sense, you will not retire comfortably. We can help you plan much better.

Investment Returns - car deposit

Deposit for your car

Many people can only dream of driving their own cars. And do you know why? Many of them fail to put funds aside to have the required deposit needed by the banks. Only if they had someone to guide them.

How to get Returns on your Investment for home deposit

Deposit for your home

As humans, we all need a roof over our heads. Yet many people who can save lack the discipline to do that. All you need is someone to hold your hand and help you get there. We are only 1 appointment away. Take action today!

Learn about risk management

Risk Management

We'll sit down with you and help you set up a balanced risk investment portfolio. We'll give you all the information you need to make your own decisions. You won’t need a financial advisor. So you can save a lot of money and manage your risk better.

Get started today. You have the ability to achieve great investment returns.

Don't hesitate. Start investing in your future. You'll get all the pros and cons of each investment type: shares, cryptocurrency, fixed deposits, unit trusts, and bonds. Isn't that just cool?

investing in your future

Membership Plans

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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have any questions?

What are Investment Returns?

Investment returns are the extra money that you get back when you have put some money aside. Let's say you put aside R1,000, and you get a 10% interest rate per year. By the end of the year, you have R1,100. You have earned a return of R100 on top of your initial investment of R1,000.

Do I have to enter into a long term contract?

Nope, never. All our Memberships are on a month-to-month basis. That's how we roll. We do not force you into any long term contract. No 12 months or 24 months contract here. Cancel at any time. No cancellation fees.

Can I change my membership plan anytime?

Of course! You are welcome to downgrade or upgrade to any plan at anytime you want to. No switching fees will be charged.  If you choose the wrong plan, don't worry. You can change it later. You've got the power!

Are you financial advisers?

No, we are not financial advisers, and we are not allowed to provide financial advice. This saves you a lot of advice fees. You can get a financial adviser if you want to. But you don't need one. We believe in arming you with the right information, so you can make your own informed decisions.

Do your monthly membership fees include investments?

No, our membership plan fees do not include the money you invest. You still need to invest separately in the investment vehicle that you choose. We only charge for investment guidance and support. Simple and sweet.

How does Unlimited private coaching work?

Unlimited private coaching is only available on the Jumbo plan. This is subject to the number of slots open in that month. If you are on the other plans and wish to book a private coaching session, the fee is R800 per hour.

Yes. You can get better leads for your business.

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