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The Boza Regular Membership Plan has the following benefits:

Basic investing tips
Low-risk Cryptocurrency (Top 10)
Medium-risk Cryptocurrency (Top 100)
Best performing units
Unit trusts
Fixed deposit
Companies to invest in
Private investment coaching
Goals for investing
Tax-free investment
Gold and Silver
Investment returns

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Boza Regular Membership Plan. Invest in Property. Invest in Bonds and More.

The Boza Regular Membership Plan has the following benefits for you:

Investing in Property.

Investing in Property is one of the best choices you’ll ever make. We do it too. It’s a must to have in your investment portfolio. Your Investment plan will include tips as to which areas have the most affordable houses but give the highest investment returns. If an area suddenly becomes a bad area (for example a rise in crime rate) we will let you know accordingly and give you the information as to how to sell that property quickly. Don’t worry, we will never leave you in the dark. That’s the reason why we are.

Basic investing tips.

If you are new to the investing world and just need to know where to start to invest your hard-earned money, you will be coached by us. Don’t worry, we all have to start somewhere. We have been there too. Believe it or not! We will show you each step of the way. In this membership plan, you get tips about invest in property, investing in shares, and investing in bonds.

Invest in Medium-risk Cryptos too.

Invest in Bitcoin and other top 10 cryptocurrencies today. Low risk. Low volatility. Those are fine, but they will only get you 5X to 10X returns on your money. How about the coins that are able to make you 50X or even 100X returns for you? Not guaranteed but highly likely. If you know which ones. 😉 That’s where we come in. Do you know when we say an investment is a must for your portfolio? This one is one of them. It’s a must to have in your investment portfolio. We highly recommend that your Investment plan include a balance of other cryptocurrencies as well. We have built the Low-risk bundle just for you. Plus this medium-risk bundle too. And what are we referring to? We are referring to Ethereum, Convergence, Mina, The Graph, Litecoin, Cardano, Polkadot, and of course Bitcoin. Just to name a few. And don’t worry, if you have no idea what these other cryptocurrencies are. It will become clear as you invest. We will always educate you till you get comfortable. That’s the reason why we are.

Best performing units.

When you decide where and how much to invest, you definitely need to know which units are yielding the best returns. Agree? Otherwise, what is the point, right? Our team will give you a list of the top and best performing units so that you can make an informed decision and not lose money.

Unit trusts.

Which ones are the best, we hear you ask? Great question! We will guide you as to whether you should invest in less risk, medium risk, or high-risk unit trusts. This will depend on your goals. We will sit with you and discuss your investment and personal goals with you. Then we will guide you correctly from there.

Investing in Bonds.

Investing in Bonds is one of the best choices you’ll ever make. Take it from us. We will coach you and show you all the steps on how to invest in government bonds. This normally requires a long term view. What does that mean? Well, it means you need to leave your money in bonds for 3 years, 4 years, or even 5 years to make the best returns.

Fixed deposit.

Sometimes you just need to leave your money in a 12 month fixed deposit. It’s less risky and it can align with your 12-month goals perfectly.

Companies to invest in.

Yep, this information is important when it comes to deciding on whether to invest in property, invest in cryptocurrency, or invest in unit trusts. You want to invest via some real estate agencies. And you do not want to invest with others.

Private investment coaching.

This is available if you need it, at an additional cost (except for the Jumbo Investment Plan). You get a personalised investment plan just for you, your business, and your loved ones. No 1 size fits all here. We coach you on an on-going basis and help you keep track of how your investments are doing. This includes your investment in property, shares, bonds, and any other investment types available in this membership plan. This is done to ensure that your investments are still aligned with your goals. If the economy changes and your goals change along the way, we will change the investments for you. No problem.

Goals for investing.

This is where it all begins. As you tell us about your life, your career, your family, and your business, we listen carefully and make notes. Why? To know if investing in property is a good idea, as an example, we will need to look at your goals and provide you with all the relevant options. Then we will hold your hand in monitoring your investments on a monthly basis. We work with bond originators to even negotiate the best rates with several banks.

Tax-free investment.

Show us who loves to pay tax? Hardly anyone, agree? The South African Revenue Services (SARS) has realised that people are not investing because they do not want to pay tax on their gains. So they have campaigned to start tax-free investments to help people like you and me to take saving and investing more seriously. In this investment plan, you will get all the information and tips you need, for you to know where to invest tax-free. Isn’t that just awesome?

Budgeting. Includes investing in property.

Most people simply do not budget. Are you one of them? Hopefully not! But if you are, don’t feel embarrassed. We will sit down with you and go through all your income and expenses and come up with a budget that makes sense. Are you already having a budget, and simply cannot see how you can start investing? That’s OK too. We will show you how you can start investing, even if your budget is very tight. Depending on how much financial muscle you have, we can even help you start investing in property if you want to.


Proceed with caution? Maybe. Maybe not. If you are serious about getting the highest investment returns, then you must start thinking about investing in stocks and shares. Why is that? You might ask. That’s because shares have proven time and time again to be outperforming most other investment types. Investing in shares, when done right, can give you average returns of 30% per year.

Gold and Silver.

Ever heard that gold is a safe haven when everything else goes wrong? You heard right. Gold remains one of the investments that will protect you against losses that you might experience from investing in shares or banks. Silver is also a very affordable commodity that you can invest in. Here we are not referring to the gold and silver shares, but the actual shiny metals.

Investment returns.

Everybody wants high investment returns. That’s true. And who doesn’t? One of our goals is to help you get better than average returns for your hard-earned money. Otherwise, anybody can invest their cash anywhere they want and forget about it. But with us, we want you to beat everybody else and be above your peers. Leave them in the dark and still wonder why they are making petty investment returns from their so-called intelligent financial advisers.

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