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Frequently Asked Questions – Resume with Cover Letter and LinkedIn Profile

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What is Hunting Consulting?

Hunting Consulting provides services in Resume with Cover letter Writing, Copywriting, Closing Sales and Digital Marketing. We support you and your business to save costs for your business but still have the same benefits as the big companies. Learn more >

Do I have to enter into a long term contract?

Nope, never. All our Packages are on a once off basis. You buy and go. That's how we roll. We do not force you into any long term contract. No 12 months or 24 months contracts here. 

What job sectors have you written resumes for?

We've written resumes for clients in finance, technology, health care, sales, marketing, communications, the environment, nonprofits, government, academia, education, fundraising, music, and the arts.

Why hire a professional resume writer?

Writing about yourself and hoping for an interview is very hard to do well and wastes time. You have better things to do with your time. As professional resume writers, we leverage our skills & experience to land you the top job you are looking for.

Why must my resume pass an ATS screening test?

Employers don't have time to look at each and every CV they get. So they use the Applicant Tracking System (ATS) to screen CVs and filter through only those CVs that are relevant and worth their time.

I'm a student & have no previous work experience. Can you help?

Of course! Your Curriculum Vitae will be customized to exclude the work experience section as that does not apply to you. But, if you have any apprentice or holiday work you have done before, please let us know.

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