web design services for over 200 projects

We have completed Website Design Services for over 200 clients.

When you have completed so many websites for so many clients, you easily get to know what works and what doesn’t.

That’s the kind of experience that you, as a business owner, need to look for before hiring just any web designer.

Also, you get to know the common requirements of the customers.

Such as a need for a customized look and feel for their products. Not a one size fits all solution.

Clients also need a web developer who can deliver quickly, usually within a few days. We deliver from only 5 days.

web design services content upload

Content upload

As part of our web design services, we offer a quick and SEO friendly content upload to your site.

We will upload all your photos, graphics, and videos to your site as you need them.

If you want us to provide quality photos for your products, do let us know and we can arrange for that as well.

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Responsive design

All our website design services come with a responsive design.

So, your created website will look good on laptops, desktop computers, tablets, and smartphones.

Customers use their mobile phones half of the time. So your website must look and function well on the smaller screens of mobile phones.

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web design services responsive design

web design services ecommerce

You have the option of wanting e-commerce as part of Web Design Services.

Your website needs to be a 24 hours salesperson in order for your online business to sell.

That’s one of the biggest advantages of having a website with e-commerce functionality.

As we set up our web design services, we will help you set up payment gateways, such as Paypal, Stripe, Credit Cards on your site.

Customers love having different options to make payments.

Prospects will be able to come to your site at any time, check out what you are selling, and make an order right on your site. Even when you are not available at that time.

Once you have set your pages to have the right description and prices for your prospects, they will take out their credit cards and make a payment right away.

All payments will be secure, so your prospective need not fear about their details landing in the wrong hands.

Our Website Design Services include the following tasks

We design awesome looking landing pages for up to 5 sections. This way your prospects see your offers and take action, which is to order your product.

Your website will be optimized to look professional on all screen sizes. Including mobile phones, tablets, laptops, and desktop computers.

Since you are aiming to sell your products online, the information that customers fill in will need to be safe and secure. That is an absolute must.

We provide up to 15 days of support after we have completed building your website. That’s part of our website design services.

Even if we design and complete your site within our turn around time, things might go wrong and leave you feeling nervous.

Rest assured, we have your back. We will provide you with support to make sure things are fixed and are up and running again.

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Our Amazing Stats

Check out our Website Design Services statistics to see how we have helped many businesses

Some of our Satisfied Customers

“Thanks to Hunting Consulting for their professional web design services. My clients are now able to book hair cuts, hair stylings, and nail art services on their cell phones, even if I’m sleeping. This is just awesome!”

“Hunting Consulting is simply the best. They created my IT site from scratch within 10 days. They were fast and very professional. Plus they answered all my questions within a few hours. They are my preferred web designers.”

Web Design Services Pricing

Choose the Webdesign Services Package that works for you.

Design Customization

Content Upload

Responsive Design

Number of Pages: 1

Plugins Installation: 3

Number of Products: 0

Revisions: 3

E-Commerce Functionality

Delivery Time: 7 Days


Design Customization

Content Upload

Responsive Design

Number of Pages: 3

Plugins Installation: 5

Number of Products: 0

Revisions: 7

E-Commerce Functionality

Delivery Time: 9 Days

Design Customization

Content Upload

Responsive Design

Number of Pages: 5

Plugins Installation: 7

Number of Products: 10

Revisions: Unlimited

E-Commerce Functionality

Delivery Time: 14 Days


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